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The most aggressive tyre in Pirelli’s e-MTB lineup, the Scorpion E-MTB S tyre has tall, widely spaced knobs, giving it the ability to bite deep into loose and soft terrain, providing you with maximum grip. It’s the perfect choice for any singletrack with soft terrain where grip and reliability are key factors.

The tyre’s design draws on Pirelli’s long history of creating tyres for motocross with plenty of support for the knobs when cornering and excellent mud-shedding qualities in wet, gloopy conditions.

Who’s this item for: This tyre is designed to hold up to the extra demands created by modern e-MTB’s but it would also make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tyre for use in soft and loose terrain where grip and reliability are key factors.

Suggested terrain use: This is a soft-terrain tyre so it will excel in deep loam, dust, sand, and mud.

Which wheel? This tyre would work well both front and rear.

Casing: 60 TPI Hyperwall construction provides excellent sidewall support and pinch flat resistance, with multi-layer construction reinforced bead area, and rubber sidewall inserts.

Compound: Smartgrip+ co


Pirelli Velo

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