Odi Mtb Ag-1 Signature Lock on Grip Gwin Red


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ODI’s first generation Lock-On System are standard for downhill racers everywhere. Designed in a partnership with 2-time UCI World Cup Downhill Champion Aaron Gwin, ODI has redefined grip performance again. The new AG-1 grips are engineered from end to end to deliver every feature racers demand.

Product Features:
ALUMINUM REINFORCED ENDS – Provide extra durability against grip blowout
ANGLED RIB PATTERN – Slightly harder compound designed to match articulation points of your hands for added control
NEW SINGLE CLAMP – Version 2.1 Lock-On System
HARD PLASTIC END – Molded over the aluminum endcap, the end provides durability but will not gouge.
NEW MULTI-LAYER GRIP PATTERN – Soft compound with dual knurl pattern for improved control in all conditions
ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Provides more comfort for those who ride in the inside or outside of the grip.