Muc-off rim tape 10m roll 28mm


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Tubeless Rim Tape For Road or Off-Road Wheels
When it comes to TUBELESS RIM TAPE, MUC-OFF are the ones that really seem to be doing it right. Made with a semi-transparent material which makes locating the valve hole so much easier this tape has a pressure-sensitive adhesive to provide just the right amount stretch whilst maintaining durability and strength needed to create a lasting airtight seal.
Suits Most Road, CX, Gravel, MTB + Plus-Sized Rims
MUC-OFF TUBELESS RIM TAPE is easy to fit, seals with a single wrap, and has enough stretch to fit into all of the nooks and crannies. It is available in a 10metre or a 50metre workshop roll in 6 widths (17mm, 21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm and 35mm) to suit most Road, CX, Gravel, MTB and Plus-sized rims. It comes with 4 x seal patches to provide a smooth transition between the start and finish of the tape.
Pre-Mounting Tip
Before gluing MUC-OFF TUBELESS RIM TAPE inside the rim, you should carefully clean the rim-bed, removing any trace of old glue or sealant. For this task you may use MUC-OFF GLUE & SEALANT REMOVER (sold separately) to ensure you get the best results.