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Make bike-cleaning a family affair with our Family Cleaning Kit. Many hands make light work especially when combined with our 3-step Clean, Protect & Lube process that is simple enough for the kids to lend a hand and will make bulk cleaning a much more enjoyable experience… Not to mention help keep your family fleet looking fresh and running smoother for longer!


Suitable for all types of bikes
Includes our clean, protect and lube essentials
Includes Storage Tote to keep everything together

1 Litre Nano Tech Bike Cleaner for quick, easy cleaning
1 Litre Nano Tech Concentrate to top-up your cleaning bottle
400ml Bio Chain Cleaner for fast, effective drive chain degreasing
Two Prong Brush and Expanding Sponge for deep cleaning
400ml MO-94 for all-over post-wash protection
120ml Bio Dry Lube included for incredible drive chain efficiency
Premium Microfibre Cloth for easy drying
Storage Tote to keep everything together