Extensive Service


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Bicycle Extensive Service (Good service for heavy duty users and dual suspension bikes) plus parts.


– Condition report
– General wipe down
– Clean degrease all running gear
– Bleed ( or replace inner cable) front brakes
– Bleed ( or replace inner cable) rear brakes
– Chain inspection
– Chain adjust ( Non geared bike)
– Gears tuned ( Geared bike)
– Grease and inspect cables
– Grease crank
– Tension crank bolts
– Lube entire drivetrain
– Grease head stem
– Adjust Head stem and tension bolts
– Wheels trued
– Hub service
– Grease hubs
– Inspect drive train
– Check all suspension pivot bolts are tight (Dual suspension bikes only)
– Hanger alignment
– Chain clean and lube
– Manual check over all nuts and bolts
– Tyre Pressures set
– Test Ride