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Our Story

For Those Who Ride

Trooper Lu’s Bicycles is a family business designed to provide the ultimate destination for those who ride. Cycling enthusiasts who crave something different can find what they are looking for here at Trooper Lu Bicycles because we are passionate about the sport and the people who love to ride.  

When we are not working, we are usually out riding the trails or on a family ride to our favourite spots. We have all been riding bicycles since we could walk and we love riding the bush trails and downhill runs. We also love the community feel that comes from a shared love of cycling. The camaraderie between cyclists is fantastic and we want to capture that essence in our store, in our service and in everything we do. Let’s keep riding and enjoying the sport!

A Way Of Life

For my wife Simone and I, and our children, Louella and Trooper, motorcycling and recreational power sports is ‘A Way of Life’. I have consistently built, restored and repaired bicycles and motorcycles and I am always trying to create something different and provide a good quality service to all customers. Until mid-2009 this was just a hobby business for me and I only worked for select customers and friends.

Now, after years of wanting to open a Bicycle workshop, we decided to follow our passion and formally open Trooper Lu’s Bicycles. The business is named after our children Louella and Trooper. We are dedicated to having the best bike shop and bicycles in Liverpool. Our staff are experienced in the industry and we have a reputation for great knowledge and a wide range of products that cater for the novice and the pros alike!

Core Values

We know it’s not just a hobby; it’s a way of life. Therefore, quality, honesty and realistic prices are what we aim to provide our clients. At Trooper Lu’s Bicycles Liverpool our prices are very competitive;  we offer valet services and after-hours assistance options. We are truly committed to satisfying all the needs of our clients and focusing on recreational and competitive cycling as a way of life for anyone who rides. After all anyone who rides is a cyclist no matter the distance, speed or records broken, we have everything you need, whether you are a novice or a pro.

We are on a mission to help people explore the world through bicycling. We sell quality bikes, have knowledgeable staff and lots of accessories and heaps more. Our aim is to help people find out more about this amazing and healthy way to travel their world. We invite you to come and experience our showroom and our website, which has great products and all you could possibly need to get started!

Our Community

We are the go-to place for bicycles Liverpool! We are building a community of bicycles lovers. If you love riding bikes, this is the right place for you! Just like we created a community of motorcycle enthusiasts, we are building a supportive community of people who love to ride bicycles and the friendship and camaraderie that goes with it.  A place where cyclists who share the same passion, can come together from all over Sydney, to ride together and enjoy each others’ company. 


Riding a bicycle in Australia is a popular past-time for so many reasons. At Trooper Lu’s Bicycles Liverpool, we have a great variety of different styles of bicycles, from road bikes, mountain bikes, to children’s bikes, BMX bikes and adult bikes. Bicycles are used for a range of reasons, whether it be racing on the trails, commuting, leisurely rides with family, fitness training, club rides, and making new friends.  Cycling is a very popular sport in Australia and millions of people cycle for fun, exercise and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.